Rapiddo Entregas

One designer for the whole company. You know the drill. I did it all at Rapiddo. Great times. Apps, motion graphics, branding. I told you!
Product Design, Branding & Motion
From mid 2017 to early 2018
Android, web & After Effects
Rapiddo Entregas was a startup focused on logistics solutions to the Movile Group in Brazil. At the time I arrived on board, the company had just started pivoting the food delivery system. Alongside, initiatives for increasing active drivers fleet and it's quality came along strong. I joined Rapiddo as an intern and even as that I was given the opportunity to work with amazing projects and contribute as the only designer for 8 months with user-centered approach.
Brand Guidelines
Rapiddo had many projects at their MVP phase and they all were focusing most on business needs. There wasn't much thought in the value proposition of things and even as Rapiddo itself stood for in the market. I felt like we needed to inject some brand identity in order to fit and seem like a mature business.

I started out building the first brand guidelines resource. I put together a bunch of design specifications and shared to the whole company. It was a worry of mine that people were using consistent communication tokens so that Rapiddo could begin solidifying it's argument for the market and, specially, for users.
Drivers Onboarding
We were increasing a whole bunch our demand for drivers and the product itself wasn't all that ready. We had a short tech team working on the application and, therefore, we had to make it work even if it didn't fit tech roadmap. One of the main challenges with this feature was educating drivers at what Rapiddo is and how to use it properly.

To every new city we launched, a field ops team had to travel there and put together a keynote at some hotel of sorts, calling out all potential drivers to explain to them the Rapiddo value proposition, how to use the app and other details of the service, in general. At some point, that became really unsustainable and we needed a way to optimize this and guarantee quality and clear information.

I had the opportunity to put together an all motion graphics online onboarding for Rapiddo drivers fleet. We did it all DIY style. We put together a script, went to a studio to record the voiceovers and I designed the training in 2 months, doing it all motion. We then released it in a training platform in between the onboarding flow, achieving the biggest number of drivers Rapiddo have ever had. And oh, of course, we had the field ops team traveling a lot less and saving all this cash.
One of the motion graphics made for the drivers onboarding. It was a series of 8. Theres 2 available in my Vimeo account. Take a peek!
In-app promotions
One of the biggest challenges we had was having our fleet available for work. It was and still is very hard to motivate drivers to deliver food and other stuff when conditions are not all that comfortable. In that order, we used to launch periodic promotions as a way to attract drivers. So seeing all that scenarios, I thought about proposing this to the product team so we could fit right in their roadmap. This feature wasn't developed in my time there, though. The company had itself sold to iFood and we continued business there.
One thing we started doing, which was captivating many co-workers curiosity, was… talking to users! We held up a couple of focus groups and meetings with drivers. This let us bring their problems close to our team, getting to see the real deal that happens in the streets.
It is a thrilling environment the startup scene. You know, we hadn't all the budget needed for some projects but we still had a very challenging goal to accomplish. It’s awesome to see a lot of people compromised in that and making it as we can to get there. My role as a designer was facilitating processes and getting the user in the discussion so we could set off initiatives with a sharp value proposition.

I learned a whole bunch at Rapiddo. I worked with a team of very skilled people that I cherish a lot to this day and carry them fondly in my memories. It was a challenge for design too. I was the only one for about 8 months and doing all sorts of stuff. There wasn't any formalised processes or any of that corporation structure but that, sometimes, can be good and bad. To wrap it up, we worked our way around and had a very consistent driver fleet and product working out.
We were sharpening up our game to a point that iFood saw value and decided to buy us out in order to start it's logistics vertical. We went open hearted, bringing up our knowledge about it together. And I was given the challenge to design a whole new driver experience. You can see more of this journey at iFood for Drivers story.