Other endeavors

Those include giving form to other types of expressions. I really like to explore my visual and musical senses by designing and creating pieces that resembles my current state of mind.

Graphic Design

I grew up in design by doing graphic stuff. Ranging it from logos, to whole branding packages to album cover designs. Seeing stuff being physical is very satisfying.

Flora Park

Dream band. This one is with some of my most special friends, where we dream together of being a hardcore/pop-punk band. We self produced and recorded our first album in 2017, called Chutando Nuvens. Or in english: Cloud Kicking.


This is my main music project. One man band type of stuff. I write, record and produce most songs in a minimal gear set up. In 2017, I released and compiled my first full length record called: Antes que a natureza morra. Or in english: Before nature dies.