Graphic Design

Design outside of screens. Even though you're seeing in a screen now.
Okay, for starters!
I love designing for graphic. From album covers to logo identities. This goes all way back to when and how I started designing. Much inspired by the likes of Aaron Draplin, the way you design stuff express yourself to the world. There isn't that weight of value proposition or any of this stuff. It's just expression. It's how you connect visually to the world, what clicks to you. So I've gathered pieces of work that I did over the years.
Rancore: Ao Vivo (2017)
This band is one very dear to me. One of my most loved bands in the brazilian underground hardcore scene. All things they spread out rings with me. I love their sound, aesthetic and purpose. It was a huge pleasure being called by Teco, band's singer, to help them at this live album cover. The main concept were already there, I just gave a little push, but well enough so I feel like I participated! A honor to be involved in.
Teco Martins: Solar & Logos Solar(2018 + 2019)
I was incredibly privileged to work again with Teco in both of his solo albums. Besides making an awesome friend, it was specifically special because Teco's been on a journey with his solo project for about 10 years and only after all this time that the time came to immortalize his work. Solar and Logos Solar are one story and message only told through two full length albums. These songs compile a lot of brazilian music making and spread beautiful gems of wisdom.
Flora Park: Chutando nuvens (2017)
This is a bit of a dream come true. Me and my buddies self recorded and produced this album. We did it all very DIY style but with all hearts in it. We were all neighbours at some point and Flora Park goes by the name of where we used to live. It's not only a place I feel at home, but where I became most of what I am today. Many things happened over there and these songs express a moment in those times. Very proud of it. Dreaming in getting a gig up to it.
Sede: Antes que a natureza morra(2016)
This one is a very special project of mine. Since 2014, I've been recording and producing a bunch of songs here and there. Song writing is like therapy to me. I could stay hours and hours closed in a room making music. And at some point in 2016, I decided to write a whole album. This demanded narrative and thoughtfulness. But I did it. Sede is a 16 tracks album, 100% me, produced, mixed and mastered. Take a listen one of my favorites tracks below.