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You could say I’m very unquiet but also very quiet, at the same time.
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Me and my beloved Carina and the monumental Cajon del Maipo mountains.
Once upon a time...
It all started with mom naming me after a Brazilian MPB singer. From day one, somehow, music and art were injected in me. Maybe that was because mom and dad always cherished it and worked with art, media and technology. I grew up around new computers, cameras and production sets. But I did follow your typical designer childhood: drawing.

You know, most designers started drawing. I can't take myself out of this party. I used to spend hours after school trying to replicate anime characters in countless papers. Then, when computers started to become a thing in our households, together with the growth of internet, it all naturally merged together.
Choosing design
By the time I had to choose what college to enroll in, I was making flyers, posters and all kinds of free design jobs for friends. I also grew loving history, geography and social sciences. So, I gave it a try to a Social Science bachelors at UFSCar. That, unfortunately, didn't work out as a career I wanted to follow but it gave me a whole bunch of background to the product design career I found to be the one. Design is a thing I do, naturally, since I was a kid. Creating, understanding, questioning and trying to solve problems is a mix that really fulfil myself.

Nowadays, I mix my natural love for arts and tech with anthropology, sociology and, of course, curiosity by being a product designer. Previously, I was designing an incredible driver experience for iFood's, the largest foodtech in Latin America. Past that, for a brief period, I was designing for a brand new health tech company around called Nexa Digital. There, we did great things and I believe we spun the first bits for technology to dive in this market. And now, I’m working towards connecting every place to every one at Loggi, redesigning logistics and shipping work that matters.
I love all things related with product design. Product strategy, user research, user experience design and mindset, visual design, prototyping, documenting findings, value propositions, usability and, needless to say, changing people lives for the better through digital design. These are the fields I am keen and specialising for. I also love the intersection of design and tech and how to work around with these challenges.

Loggi São Paulo, Brazil

Since September 2019.

Nexa São Paulo, Brazil

May 2019 to September 2019.

iFood Osasco, Brazil

February 2018 to May 2019.

Rapiddo Entregas São Paulo, Brazil

July 2017 to February 2018.