danilo leal

Hayo! Welcome here.

I’m a brazilian natural born designer. I guess that since day one I’m asking why to stuff. It’s all about finding the reasons and acting on it. I like taking care of people and making them happy. After all, it’s all that design is about.
👉 Currently designing products at Loggi.
🇧🇷 Based in São Paulo, Brazil.


Designed the new driver app from the ground up. Small team, great goals and huge impact. A product that is very close to my heart. What a ride!

Livia Pro

Built for doctors. We were tackling huge health care problems by being user centred and focused in changing paradigms.

Rapiddo Entregas

One designer for the whole company. You know the drill. I did it all at Rapiddo. Great times. Apps, motion graphics, branding. I told you!