Pleasure to have you!

I'm an explorer and designer, in that particular order. I really put myself out there to understand things, how they are inter related and connected - as is everything - to only then figure out how to give it some form, so we can experience it. I design in order to find the right direction.
👉 Currently designing products at Loggi.
🇧🇷 Based in São Paulo, Brazil.

Selected works


Designed the new driver app from the ground up. Small team, challenging goals and huge impact. A product that is very close to my heart. What a ride!

Livia Pro

Being healthy is communicating rightfully. With Livia, we were tackling one of the most fundamental health care problem out there: communication.

Rapiddo Entregas

One designer for the whole company. You know the drill. I did it all at Rapiddo. Great times. Apps, motion graphics, branding. I told you!